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My car has driven a Hollywood star. I’m giving it away. Why?

My car has driven a Hollywood star and I’m giving it away. Yes. Giving it away and not taking a cent for it. This car is a much-loved, slightly tarnished red Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s missing a sun visor. That’s because the visor was autographed by Harry Shearer, the voice of Monty Burns, Smithers and more on The Simpsons. Many people will also know him from his Spinal Tap days. Several years ago, through the course of my charity work, I drove Harry Shearer in my vehicle for a week. The DNA of this car is permanently etched with impressions of some of the coolest characters you have ever heard. So why am I giving the car away? I’m giving it away because I know that doing so can do good for some kids doing it pretty tough. Even though I run my own charity, the m.a.d.woman foundation I made a commitment years ago to give my car to Kids Under Cover when I was ready to move on from it. It’s a commitment I am …

CEO Sleepout

m.a.d.woman CEO and Founder Melina Schamroth is putting her body on the line again this year to spend her seventh night on the streets to raise money to support homeless people. “It upsets me immensely that more than 105,000 people are sleeping rough tonight and every other winter night in Australia. That around 32,000 of those are children makes it harder to accept.

Determined to help put an end to homelessness!

Determined to help put an end to homelessness, m.a.d.woman Founder and CEO Melina Schamroth slept on the streets not once, but twice this year. Melina spent a freezing night on the streets in Australia and another (even colder) night in New Zealand raising money to help support those sleeping rough in both countries. In total, Melina has now done six sleep outs in three cities in two countries to raise vital funds.

Why we need a cool head and warm heart this winter

Wow the temperature has really dropped and to be honest, I’d rather stay at home with the heater on than head out into the cold. In even feeling that way, there are immediately a couple of things I’m conscious of. We need a cool head and a warm heart this winter. Firstly, this is a time of year where bugs are spreading like wildfire through offices and people are succumbing to illness left right and centre.

Could this be someone you know?

Last year, I heard first hand from a formerly successful businessman who’d made a couple of bad decisions. Fast forward six months and he suffered a breakdown and lost his business, his family and his home. His journey became one of survival and after a while, with the help of charitable agencies, he found temporary lodgings and began to slowly rebuild his life. I heard another story from a former senior executive whose wealthy husband began beating her and she fled with her children, sleeping in a car for weeks till shelter was available. These are just two stories of people sleeping rough in our region.

How giving up your bed can change lives

It deeply disturbs me that more than 105,000 people are sleeping outside tonight and every other winter night in Australia. That around 32,000 of those are children makes it harder to accept. In New Zealand, homelessness is also an issue. I know it’s possible to change the situation in both countries and I’m literally putting my body on the line – twice in a week in two countries! – to prove it. From experience, I know each night will be freezing, uncomfortable and won’t involve any sleep. I also know that it is a very small sacrifice to make a big difference and change lives – I’m shamelessly asking for your help.