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How to meet Sir Richard Branson in two weeks

Two weeks ago I embarked on a highly ambitious goal – to meet and have a conversation with Sir Richard Branson. So on the weekend, Sir Richard and I had a chat. Sure, it wasn’t exactly as I planned – the conversation was held in full view of a five thousand strong crowd – but it was great to speak to one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Advertisements


The Hunt for a Hero continues…

When we kicked off our search to meet business legend Sir Richard Branson, we really had no idea what was going to happen. We certainly didn’t expect the huge response that we received! After we posted our blog and YouTube clip yesterday, the Twitter world got behind us. Last night we were thrilled to find that we were being re-tweeted all over the world – and even trending here in Australia!


In search of a business legend

If Sir Richard Branson were embarking on a project to meet someone like, well, Sir Richard Branson, how would he go about it? In the 4-Hour Work Week, author Tim Ferris issued a challenge. Find a way to make contact with someone you thought you might not be able to meet. Advertisements