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Business lessons from the demise of TomKat

What business lessons could we learn from the demise of TomKat – aka Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? What happens to a business when a family relationship sours? A couple breaks up? Friends fall out? Each of these scenarios could leave you in a potentially similar situation to what the world press is predicting for the former power couple – possibly surprised, upset and in a fight over assets. Advertisements

Why now is the best time for networking

Busy? Well now is the time to get out there and seek new business… It’s easy to get caught up in your own little work bubble. I’ve learned that it’s when you are busiest that you should be getting out to network. At your peaks, you should be building a pipeline (instead of leaving it till things are quiet) and making new contacts is a great way to do that.

A very bad spell

What hope have we got when people aiming to lead from the very top set such bad examples? In case you missed it, US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney committed one of the biggest spelling mistakes the world has seen when writing about the country he wants to lead. Amercia. As I write this, my ‘spell check’ is picking up an issue – somehow his didn’t.

Goal attack

Did you set out to achieve some key goals in your business this year? Maybe you set some aims at the beginning of the financial year or maybe at the beginning of this year. Whatever the case, the end of the Australian financial year is looming. How are you tracking to your targets?

Sorting out the self help from the shelf help

Self-help books are extremely popular. They’re a great friend of New Year resolutions, but with so much help around it’s a wonder that there is still so much help needed. Turns out a lot of these publications and workshop handouts become what’s termed in the industry as ‘shelf help’ books. That’s because people buy them, collect them and then store them… never to look at them again.

Dealing with difficult people

People you deal with don’t always operate in the same way you do – what happens when you deal with aggressive, passive aggressive or just downright difficult people? I’ve just come off the back of running my month long Grateful in April campaign where the focus was on what is good in people’s lives. It’s been uplifting and my dealings have been incredibly pleasurable.

Quarter time

So for 2012, it’s quarter time. The first three months are done and it’s time to assess where things are at. Of course for most businesses, it means there’s only one quarter left in the financial year. As seasons change and lurgies fly around workplaces everywhere, for some it’s hard to maintain motivation. For others it’s a time to push the pedal down hard and race to the line.

Why lost luggage does not need to become baggage

A guy goes to an airline counter and checks in for his flight. He asks if one of his bags can be sent to Melbourne and the other one to Perth.  Definitely not, is the answer. “Why not,” he asks – “you did that for me last week”. Okay, so maybe it’s a joke, but it was not much of a laughing matter for me recently when I flew to Sydney and my luggage didn’t follow.