Declutter for a Cause
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Declutter for a Cause – Day 2: Linen Press

Declutter for a Cause – Day 2. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ So said Leonardo da Vinci. We’re not sure he was referring to the average linen cupboard, but he does make a good point.

Be honest – do you open your linen press, inhale deeply and revel in the sheer gorgeousness of perfectly folded sheets? Or do you find yourself wading through bedding of unknown dimensions and a sea of mismatched pillow slips? How many old towels do you have “just in case”?

Linen cupboards are often the recipients of “clutter panic” objects. The doorbell rings and whatever clutter is inhabiting the hallway is stuffed in. Today wrestle that space back from the edge of chaos – pull everything out and remove all that you don’t use. Set a timer for 20 minutes and be ruthless!

Animal rescue shelters need lots of old towels. Good quality clean sheets in great condition can often be used in domestic violence shelters, by refuge resource centres and also for people sleeping rough (contact groups supporting homeless people).

You’ll sleep easier knowing others are too.

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P.S. Got a great tip to share? Got inspiring pics of your before and after? Post them here – during July we’ll be rewarding some of our favourites with some gorgeous, small, ‘uncluttery’ gift


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