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Makeover that matters with sticker m.a.d.

Forget The Block and The Renovators – we decided to do our own ‘makeover that matters’ yesterday at the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Gardenview Unit for people with acquired brain injuries.

The makeover has come about as a collaboration between m.a.d.woman and The Wall Sticker Company. We met recently when we both won Telstra Business Awards for Victoria (we’re both national finalists this week). We wanted to work together to make a positive social impact and set up a new socially responsible brand, sticker m.a.d. – stickers that make a difference, with the purpose of raising funds to do ongoing makeovers for people and groups who could use a lift.

This is the unit before our team went to work.

The Gardenview Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital houses 24 people with acquired brain injuries. Many of them are unable to leave the premises. Yesterday, m.a.d.woman and The Wall Sticker Company joined forces with the team from Code Name Max to literally ‘bring the outdoors inside’ to fill large blank walls with beautiful vistas.

The Unit’s Diversional Therapist, Dolly Klaver, was thrilled with the results and even helped with some of the final touches.

If you are interested in your business making a difference, Contact Us. If you would like to order from the sticker m.a.d range (20% of each sale goes to fund ongoing projects and we can customise any image for your workplace or home) go to the new m.a.d.woman store.

Look at the difference ” makeover that matters” made at the Gardenview Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.



  1. Linda whitehead says

    Hi Melina and team,
    I am constantly amazed and in awe at what you achieve and the difference you make.
    Thank you.



  2. maria ciavarella says

    That looks gorgeous!Are stickers that big difficult to handle? Can we have our own images put on something like that?


  3. Paula Dettman says

    Hi Girls,
    Just wanted to say the results look fantastic and I am sure that all your efforts will lift the spirits of the people who live in the Hospital.
    Another great idea to help others live a better life.
    I am very inspired but you all.
    Well done.


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