random acts of m.a.d.
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random acts of m.a.d.

We get a real buzz out of making a difference to people when they are not expecting it. It might be something as simple as buying someone a small treat or something more elaborate such as arranging a surprise trip.

We’ll share some of our stories with you very soon, but we would also like to know what you have done to make an unexpected positive difference to someone’s life – or hear about the way someone surprised you.

In a bid to inspire others to perform random acts of kindness, we’ll put feature some of our favourite stories right here. What are you waiting for?  Go out and make a difference and then tell us all about it!



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  1. Ally Hannon says

    I like to do small things for people such as give them the 5 or 10 cents that they’re short at the checkout or the dollar they’re short at the parking meter. I also smile at strangers every day and make a point of going up to other women in public and complimenting them on what they’re wearing or on their hair/smile etc. Unfortunately I can’t do that with men so much any more because they usually think I’m coming onto them and things can get awkward! I love the reaction I get from people when I smile at them or do something kind. It’s such a buzz and it lasts all day. Put love and kindness out there into the universe and it will come back ten fold.


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